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  • End of Tri 3: just the beginning

    End of Tri 3: just the beginning

    Baby Heart rate: 135-143 Responding well to NST/ST (non stress test/stress test) head down in right position Placenta at level 2 Amniotic fluid at level 7 Mommy Getting a little nauseous again every now and then Last day of work: November 7th (due date) Weight gain: 32.5 pounds total Cravings: Not necessarily a “craving” since I […]

  • Guess Blake’s Birthday!

    Guess Blake’s Birthday!

    With Blake’s due date fast approaching (tomorrow is pretty soon, right??) and him still peacefully chilling in the oh-so-comfy-womb, I’d like to take a vote to see when you think he will decide to come out! My midwife says I’m measuring right on time. I’ve been saying for awhile I think I’ll have him past […]

  • Why We Chose Home Birth

    Why We Chose Home Birth

    To Stefen & I, it seemed like a no brainer. My mom had a home birth, my sisters either had home births or used midwives for their pregnancies, and Stefen & his siblings were born at home. But for those that don’t understand or know much about it, let me convince you how awesome it […]

  • Maternity Photo Shoot!

    Maternity Photo Shoot!

    My sister, Lindy, who also happens to be a professional photographer was able to pencil us in for a photo shoot a few weeks before Blake is due. The day of the shoot I was trying to get a lot done around the house; cleaning, get stuff ready for the shoot, etc. Because of that, […]

  • Watch Kara’s Belly Grow

    Watch Kara’s Belly Grow

    Isn’t she cute?

  • Our Baby Has A First (& Middle) Name, It’s..

    Our Baby Has A First (& Middle) Name, It’s..

    With (approx.) 7 weeks to go Stefen & I have finally agreed on a name for our boy! He will no longer just be “baby Phelps”. Introducing…. Tanya recently tried to surprise me by setting up an appointment for a 3d ultrasound but, I’m hard to surprise so she just told me she was doing […]

  • 3rd Tri is Go!

    3rd Tri is Go!

    This is a summary of the last few months aka my second trimester. Baby: Heart rate: 138-148 Length measured in the 89th percentile at last ultrasound Measuring perfect and right on time with everything else. Movement: I think I started feeling the baby at 17 weeks. Stefen felt baby move for the first time at 22 […]

  • It’s a….

    It’s a….

    We had our “20 week” ultrasound on Tuesday June 18th. My mom, (sisters) Lindy, Tanya, Amber, (niece) Genesis, and (nephew) Andrew joined Stefen and myself for the appointment. Stefen & I went in for my regular check up; weight, blood pressure, etc. After that they took us in another room to do the ultrasound. It […]

  • I (Stefen) want a…

    I (Stefen) want a…

    boy!  because I need a video game partner, and girls are weird. Boys are always the best as the first born because they can protect their younger sisters. Everyone wants an older brother, who wants an older sister? **crickets**….. Exactly.  I want to wrestle, skateboard, play disc golf, play paintball, and other manly things that just […]

  • I (Kara) want a…

    I (Kara) want a…