Maternity Photo Shoot!

My sister, Lindy, who also happens to be a professional photographer was able to pencil us in for a photo shoot a few weeks before Blake is due. The day of the shoot I was trying to get a lot done around the house; cleaning, get stuff ready for the shoot, etc. Because of that, I started to have some pretty strong Braxton Hicks. I say “pretty strong” because at my last appointment my midwife was monitoring my contractions and was surprised when a “really big one” showed up on the monitor and I didn’t even feel it. So these must have been even bigger because I definitely felt them! Lindy said it’s almost like clockwork after she does a maternity shoot the mom to be goes into labor within a week or so. I’m laying low for the next few weeks to prove her wrong.

Here are a few of our favorites. To see the rest check out our Photos page.

For more amazing photos, or if you want amazing photos of your own, check out Lindy House Photography.

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  1. Such wonderful photos! I am so happy for you and looking forward to kissing and holding sweet Blake! <3

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