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  • Welcome to the Fam, Ames.

    Welcome to the Fam, Ames.

    They say small babies are harder to birth. They say babies born 6 weeks early will most likely require time spent in NICU. They say babies haven’t developed the sucking reflex at 34 weeks. They thought his lungs may be weak. They thought he’d be a Cali baby. They thought he’d be born on the […]

  • Natural Ways To Induce Labor

    Natural Ways To Induce Labor

    With three pregnancies behind me and another six in the future (just testing to see if Stefen is reading this) I’d like to believe I have lots of wisdom to share. I don’t actually feel that way, although I have done quite a bit of research on the matter and have tried almost every labor […]

  • GG and JoJo

    GG and JoJo

    Today marks two years since my Grandma passed away. Joelle is our first baby that my Grandma hasn’t been here to meet. I never realized how much that would mean to me until recently. Being one of the youngest siblings in a bigger family, I’ve never really had all the memories that my older siblings have […]

  • Joelle Lindsay’s Birth Story

    Joelle Lindsay’s Birth Story

    Birth date: Tuesday, June 13th, 2017Birth Time: 12:12 AMWeight: 8lbs. 13oz.Length: 23 in. You know those parents that are on their second, third, or tenth pregnancy so they think they know what to expect because they have done this before and know their body so well to predict the outcome? Yeah, I was never going to be […]

  • Learning to Be Gentle Like Daddy

    Learning to Be Gentle Like Daddy

    Now that Blake is talking more clearly and in full sentences these days, it’s always amusing to hear what will come out of his mouth. Most of the time I have no idea where he comes up with the things he says. Having a two year old who talks and thinks so much on his own […]

  • Fixing Camaros and Meeting Jesus

    Fixing Camaros and Meeting Jesus

    I wrote this poem the other day when a childhood friend of mine lost her mom. I then typed it out, made it into a nice print and was going to give it to her at her mom’s funeral. Instead, I went to print it the morning of and our printer wasn’t working so I […]

  • Houston’s Playlist

    Houston’s Playlist

    Here is the list of songs I played during labor and the birth of Houston. The songs weren’t in any specific order. The first song that came on  I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home) -The City Harmonic, may not sound like a song you’d want playing during a time when you’d normally have […]

  • Houston James’ HBAC Birth Story

    Houston James’ HBAC Birth Story

    Birth date: Wednesday, June 17th, 2015Birth Time: 7:05 pmWeight: 8lbs. 2oz.Length: 19 3/4 in.Head: 14 in. Stefen, Blake, and I went to my 39 week appointment on Tuesday, June 16th. On our way there I asked Stefen if he thought I should ask Sizzly to do anything to get things going. With Blake I was in no […]

  • Third Tri (minus 2 days) = New Baby!

    Third Tri (minus 2 days) = New Baby!

    Baby Measuring on time Moving lots and lots head down in correct position -1 station Mommy Consistent braxton hicks every night Last day of work: June 3rd (37w 4d) Weight gain: 38 pounds total Cravings: Haven’t really had any cravings towards the end, but a few of the things I’ve been eating/ drinking almost daily are… Eggs, my Mom’s […]

  • Family of 3 Soon to be 4 Photos

    Thanks to Amber, our wonderful sister in law and one of Blake’s favorite people, she came over yesterday to take a few photos before Houston arrives.. Less than two weeks before the due date is a little last minute for a photo shoot, but judging from my last pregnancy I could still have twice that […]