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  • Boy or Girl?

    Boy or Girl?

    The families’ votes are tallied.. Stefen: boy Kara: girl Adam: boy Amber: girl Luke: girl Tiffany: boy Tanya: girl Jason: girl Noah: girl Lindy: boy Guy: girl Genesis: girl Jude: boy Zane: boy Melena: girl Mom: girl Dad: girl Seth: boy Grace: girl Donovon: boy Stuart: boy Lisa: boy Don: boy What is your vote?  […]

  • 1 Trimester down, 2 to go.

    1 Trimester down, 2 to go.

    Here’s a summary of my first 12 weeks with a baby inside me. It’s a few weeks late, but I can blame the pregnancy brain, right? Baby: Healthy and right on track in size. Strong, fast heart beat of 164 Movement: tons (according to midwife, I haven’t felt anything yet) Baby bump: not visible yet, […]

  • Baby Makes Me Sick

    Baby Makes Me Sick

    I am trying not to dwell on the sickness that comes with having something grow inside of me by not being negative, posting about how many times I puke a day, or how I miss making dinner for Stefen when he comes home. But I am going to make a post about it, just this […]

  • Announcing To Our Family

    Announcing To Our Family

    Before I was pregnant I always said I was going to wait until I was 4 or 5 months along to tell everyone. I’m really good at keeping secrets so I figured it wouldn’t be that hard. Well I guess this is one of those things that you just don’t understand until you’re in the […]

  • Foster Care

    Foster Care

    As some may know Stefen & I have been thinking about foster care for a while now, and started seriously looking into it in the past year. We officially decided we wanted to be foster parents last year and have been in that process since. Everything has been working out perfect with it, down to […]

  • We’re Having A Baby…!

    We’re Having A Baby…!

    People always want to know, “how did you feel?” how did Stefen react when you told him?” Well, everyone reading this should know me and Stefen well enough to know that we’re not like many other people. Stefen still teases me about the moment he asked me to marry him, and I just said “you’re […]

  • Dreamy.


    On February 23rd (approx. 3 weeks pregnant) I had a dream I was pregnant. Like most of my dreams though it wasn’t as “normal” as that. My mom, both sisters, Tanya & Lindy, and a friend of the family, Dawn, were all pregnant as well! I woke up early AM after dreaming and took a test, […]