1 Trimester down, 2 to go.

Here’s a summary of my first 12 weeks with a baby inside me. It’s a few weeks late, but I can blame the pregnancy brain, right?

  • Baby: Healthy and right on track in size. Strong, fast heart beat of 164
  • Movement: tons (according to midwife, I haven’t felt anything yet)
  • Baby bump: not visible yet, but when I wake up in the morning my uterus sticks out like a softball -as hard as one too-, lopsided on whatever side I was laying on
  • Nausea: 5 & 1/2 week -present
  • Weight gain: -6 pounds
  • Cravings: none

Foods I’ve been eating the most of/ not sick of yet:

  1. Waffles. Every morning I don’t go in to work Stefen makes me waffles and brings them to me in bed!
  2. Pasta, well mainly the sauce and cheese: manicotti, ravioli.. I even put spaghetti sauce on rice the other day.
  3. Lots of water, throughout the day and night.

Loved before, hate now: the top on the list is probably coffee. The smell, taste, and thought of it. Stefen still asks me if I want a cup sometimes and then looks at me strange when I say “no!” With a disgusted face.

Favorite things:

  1. Pool! I’ve never been a huge fan of swimming before but after realizing it takes away the nausea almost completely while in the water, I’ve been spending a couple hours a day at least 2 or 3 days a week in my sister’s pool.
  2. Digest  enzymes. If anyone gets horrible heartburn these pills are magic. The heartburn was so bad I wasn’t able to keep any food down for almost a week, bought these and they have taken it away. Approved by my midwife as well.

Other pregnancy symptoms: besides the nausea and heartburn, face breakouts are really the only other thing I’m not familiar with. I’m also getting more headaches due to my eyesight. I used to be able to get away with not wearing glasses, but now they’re a must if I’m on the computer or looking at my phone for awhile. 

Although the symptoms that come along with having a human inside of me aren’t much fun, I am so thankful that the baby and I are healthy!

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  1. Hang in there! So happy you are following a midwife protocol! Awesome for you and the baby! Blessings, prayers, love and kisses!

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