On February 23rd (approx. 3 weeks pregnant) I had a dream I was pregnant. Like most of my dreams though it wasn’t as “normal” as that. My mom, both sisters, Tanya & Lindy, and a friend of the family, Dawn, were all pregnant as well! I woke up early AM after dreaming and took a test, just because.. It was negative though.

Two days later I had another dream I was pregnant, so I woke up early AM again and took another test. Still negative.

On March 5th, since I was now almost 2 weeks late, I decided to take another test just because. Even though ‘they’ say it’s best to take them early in the morning, and it was afternoon, I didn’t feel like waiting again. I was used to so many “one liner” tests, that I was pretty shocked to see there might actually be two this time! Although even when I tried taking a picture of it (proof for Stefen) the second line wasn’t visible, so I brought it to the back yard to get a better picture of it.

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  1. You have a lucky little sweet pea growing in your “belly”(sounds so much nicer than uterus). We are so happy for you. You are a wonderful story teller. Thank you for sharing the moment with all of us!

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