Boy or Girl?

The families’ votes are tallied..

  • Stefen: boy
  • Kara: girl
  • Adam: boy
  • Amber: girl
  • Luke: girl
  • Tiffany: boy
  • Tanya: girl
  • Jason: girl
  • Noah: girl
  • Lindy: boy
  • Guy: girl
  • Genesis: girl
  • Jude: boy
  • Zane: boy
  • Melena: girl
  • Mom: girl
  • Dad: girl
  • Seth: boy
  • Grace: girl
  • Donovon: boy
  • Stuart: boy
  • Lisa: boy
  • Don: boy

What is your vote? 

The sex will be revealed in two weeks!

By Kara

I enjoy making food, drinks, crafts, art, people happy, and babies.

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