We’re Having A Baby…!

People always want to know, “how did you feel?” how did Stefen react when you told him?” Well, everyone reading this should know me and Stefen well enough to know that we’re not like many other people. Stefen still teases me about the moment he asked me to marry him, and I just said “you’re supposed to put it on my finger”. There were no tears or loud squealing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not the way Stefen and I express our feelings.

We had sort of been “not trying to not have a baby” for a few months, so every month was a guessing game. Like I said before, after taking multiple tests I was just expecting another one line, but when I saw two (I was home alone because it was in the afternoon) I just stared at it for awhile, was surprised, and of course finally pretty excited and started counting down the hours till Stefen got home from work.

When he did get home I made dinner like usual and while we were sitting at the table I just said “Guess what? I think I’m pregnant this time”. It’s not like we had been trying for a long time or anything, but after taking even a few tests it can seem like a long time. “Really?” he replied, “try not to get your hopes up right away”. And that was pretty much it!

I guess now is when I could tease him for that being his reaction to such big news, like he does with me and our engagement… But he has shown me more than enough attention in the last few weeks with all the meals he has made me, dishes he’s washed, back rubs, neck rubs, grocery store runs, and anything else I’ve needed! Couldn’t ask for much more.

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