3rd Tri is Go!

This is a summary of the last few months aka my second trimester.

  • Baby:
    • Heart rate: 138-148
    • Length measured in the 89th percentile at last ultrasound
    • Measuring perfect and right on time with everything else.
    • Movement: I think I started feeling the baby at 17 weeks. Stefen felt baby move for the first time at 22 weeks (July 4th). I know I started feeling/ seeing baby move at 22 weeks (July 9th). I was shining my phone light on my belly and felt/ saw a big movement, just to make sure I did it again and it happened a second time. Then he was moving a lot after that!
  • Mommy
    • Baby bump: Started noticeably growing at 17 weeks. Others started noticing at 21 weeks. Is continuing to grow fast.
    • Nausea: Started getting better at 18 weeks. Still nauseous while working and sometimes at night.
    • Weight gain: 11 pounds total.
    • Cravings: Didn’t start to kick in till about 22 weeks. 1. everything bagels from the Coffee Barn (made by me hah). 2. Tea with milk. The only tea I’ve liked with milk are black teas (thai tea!), aka caffeine, and since I’m trying to stay away from caffeine I would splurge and have one cup once every week or two. But I recently tried chamomile tea with steamed milk and sweetened with honey (tea latte) and that satisfies my craving just fine. 3. Cheeseburgers. Yep. At my last appointment I was telling my midwife how I really don’t eat any meat, especially red meat because I just don’t really care for it and don’t like making it. I guess the baby heard me because shortly after that I started having 1 (or 2..) cheeseburgers a day for about a week. 4. Tomatoes. Really anything with tomatoes; pasta sauce, tomato soup, etc. But mainly just plain tomatoes. I’ll cut up a few and put them in ziploc bags in the fridge so I can easily grab them when I start to get hungry.

Foods I’ve been eating the most of/ not sick of yet:

  1. Breakfast foods; cereal, yogurt +chia seeds, PB&J
  2. Cheese; cheese sticks, slices of cheese, blocks of cheese. Whatever is in the fridge when I open it basically.
  3.  Baked Potatoes
  4. Raw vegetables; green or red peppers, snap peas, carrots, celery, tomatoes. Stefen calls me a rabbit.

Loved before, hate now: Spices and seasonings. I used to use lots of them when cooking, now I only use salt and pepper. Everything I eat is pretty plain now a days.

Favorite things:



Coconut oil/ Bio oil.

Other pregnancy symptoms: Not necessarily another “symptom,” but, different smells are starting to smell good to me! This is really nice since my sense of smell has always been pretty strong and has only gotten stronger with my pregnancy. Not everything, but a lot of things are more appealing now instead of making me more sick.

My ribs are starting to hurt, especially when I sit. Getting up to pee throughout the night is annoying but I’m getting used to it. And I still have to eat more than I am used to. I know you only need an extra 300-400 calories a day when you’re “eating for two” but, this must be a big baby because if I try and ignore my stomach when I get hungry, I start to get nauseous all over again and then I have to eat even more! Overall, though, I am feeling pretty great. Not too uncomfortable yet and my feet still fit in my shoes. We’ll see how that changes in the next few months!


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