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We had our “20 week” ultrasound on Tuesday June 18th. My mom, (sisters) Lindy, Tanya, Amber, (niece) Genesis, and (nephew) Andrew joined Stefen and myself for the appointment. Stefen & I went in for my regular check up; weight, blood pressure, etc. After that they took us in another room to do the ultrasound. It seemed like a long time watching the sonogram tech check all the different organs and everything, but I didn’t mind! Once she finished she asked if we were ready to find out the sex. I said yes, and shortly after that while watching her try and find a good “picture” of it, I could already tell.. “It’s a boy isn’t it??” Stefen was videoing the whole thing so he didn’t hear us. I laughed and told him he was right. He said “what?” “you were right, it’s a boy!”

After we found out, Stefen went and let everyone know they could come in. She let them hear the heartbeat and showed them all the details of the baby.

Since I have a big family it’s hard to find a time when everyone can get together, so we had to wait till Saturday to have everyone else over.

sex party invite final

With the help of Pinterest and bored days stuck in bed, I made a few decorations and little signs.

Drinks: “pink” passion herbal tea, “blue” blueberry herbal tea, blue koolaid, and pink koolaid.

Food: Fruit (blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon).

blue potato chips, blue corn chips & salsa, pink beets chips, and popcorn drizzled with (pink) white chocolate.

For the ‘reveal’ I made red velvet cake pops with little plastic babies inside (they had blue diapers) covered in “skin tone” white chocolate so they looked like little pregnant bellies. To find out the sex they couldn’t just bite into the cake pop, they had to get past all the red stuff on the baby and clean it off.

After everyone bit into the cake pops Stefen showed them the video of our appointment.

I can honestly say after we found out it was a boy I wasn’t disappointed in the least! Yes, I surprised myself a little with as much as I thought I wanted a girl but, seeing the baby on the sonogram, healthy and moving around, and then hearing it was a boy I was still so excited. Especially knowing that Stefen will have a little boy of his own to teach all of his trick too=)

Baby Phelps from Stefen Phelps on Vimeo.

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  1. What a fun way to find out more about Baby Phelps! The party looked so fun and yummy!!! Kisses and hugs and love to you!9

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