I (Stefen) want a…

boy!  because I need a video game partner, and girls are weird.

Boys are always the best as the first born because they can protect their younger sisters. Everyone wants an older brother, who wants an older sister? **crickets**….. Exactly.  I want to wrestle, skateboard, play disc golf, play paintball, and other manly things that just aren’t the same with girls.

Boys rule, girls drool!

One response to “I (Stefen) want a…”

  1. Well, I was a firstborn and I am a girl…so it is what it is…but, I did always want a big brother! lol And I love the idea of a boy being first just so to build his leadership skills. But I will tell you, in the end, I don’t really care…I will kiss that sweet little thing when I see it!

    PS – I love the name Marmee from Little Women…hopfully that little first born call me that! <3

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