End of Tri 3: just the beginning

  • Baby
    • Heart rate: 135-143
    • Responding well to NST/ST (non stress test/stress test)
    • head down in right position
    • Placenta at level 2
    • Amniotic fluid at level 7
  • Mommy
    • Getting a little nauseous again every now and then
    • Last day of work: November 7th (due date)
    • Weight gain: 32.5 pounds total
    • Cravings: Not necessarily a “craving” since I loved these things before being pregnant but, hummus and orange juice. These two things are always in our fridge. I put hummus on crackers, sandwiches, tortilla wraps with lettuce & cheese (my favorite) and anything else I would normally use a sauce or dressing for. I started buying a couple bottles of orange juice to make sure I would have it for the birth but Blake wasn’t coming and the orange juice was being drunk anyway. We probably went through about  10 bottles of Simply Orange in the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. No joking.

Foods/ Drinks I’ve been eating/ drinking the most of/ not sick of yet:

  1. Eggs! My favorite is scrambled with a whole diced tomato and cheese, or when Stefen makes an egg sandwich on my Mom’s bread.
  2. Cheese. Still lots of cheese.
  3.  Third trimester (hot) tea.
  4. Mexican. There’s a restaurant close by my Midwife’s office that Stefen & I go to after appointments.

Loved before, hate now: Don’t really ‘hate’ them but, I got over craving bagels and haven’t had any since.

Favorite things:



Prenatal appointments.


Other pregnancy symptoms: 1. Itchiness. Mostly at night, but it has been going on for months. Coconut oil seems to help most of the time. 2. carpal tunnel. My hands started getting sore in the middle of the night when I’d get up for bathroom breaks. I thought maybe they were starting to swell but then realized they weren’t swollen. My midwife informed me it’s just another pregnancy symptom! Although it started lasting longer and eventually becoming a 24/7 thing it’s still tolerable. 3. Stretch marks! I held them off for almost the whole pregnancy but they started to creep up at about 39 weeks or so, and they started on the right side -where Blake seems to love poking out the most) If he came out on time I probably could have avoided most of them, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

These last few months have been my favorite. I can honestly say I like being pregnant. I didn’t think after 7 months of being sick I would ever say that. I am going to miss being pregnant.

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