Guess Blake’s Birthday!

With Blake’s due date fast approaching (tomorrow is pretty soon, right??) and him still peacefully chilling in the oh-so-comfy-womb, I’d like to take a vote to see when you think he will decide to come out!

My midwife says I’m measuring right on time. I’ve been saying for awhile I think I’ll have him past my due date. My Mom’s 1st baby was 1 week early, Lindy’s 1st was 5 days early, and Tanya’s 1st was 3 weeks early.

Stefen’s guess: November 8th or 11th  in the morning (so he can have a 3-day weekend) at 9 lbs

Kara’s guess: November 7th or 8th, 4am. 8 & 1/2 pounds.

Leave your answer “Date: xx Time: xx Weight: xx” in a comment below!

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21 responses to “Guess Blake’s Birthday!”

  1. November 12 at 4:47 am 7lbs 7oz and Luke is correct, we will all be in shock when the name is changed to Blakena

  2. Monday, Nov. 11th, 3ish pm, 8lb 12oz
    Sorry…..for the date and the weight!
    And it is a boy, Andrew needs a cousin close in age.

  3. Well, Stefen was 2 weeks late, born at 10:30pm…hmmm…and he weighed 9lb 6oz…hmmmm…I am guessing Nov 14, midnight, 9lb??? OK, Blake, what shall it be? Come on little one…lots of kisses waiting for you. xxooxxoo

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