Our Baby Has A First (& Middle) Name, It’s..

With (approx.) 7 weeks to go Stefen & I have finally agreed on a name for our boy! He will no longer just be “baby Phelps”. Introducing….


Tanya recently tried to surprise me by setting up an appointment for a 3d ultrasound but, I’m hard to surprise so she just told me she was doing it for me:) We–me, Stefen, Tanya, Genesis, my Mom & Dad–went last Saturday afternoon.

All snuggled up.

Blake wasn’t cooperating for the sonogram and kept hiding behind his feet and hands. When he would move his feet/hands away from his face he kept making grumpy faces. I guess he likes having his pictures taken as much as Stefen and I (good luck with this one Lindy). After moving me around on all different sides, Stefen playing loud music on his phone, and shining a light on my belly, the ultrasound tech said the only other thing we could try was some yoga moves. She said it almost always works. So I got down on all fours and moved around for a bit (it actually felt pretty good) and Stefen continued to shine a light on me. After a few minutes I laid back down so she could see if he moved at all and fortunately it worked and she was able to get a few good shots of his face!

Stefen says he can’t tell but the rest of us agree he looks like him. I hope it is true.

We asked the ultrasound tech if she could tell how big he is so far, even though I know it’s not always accurate. She said she couldn’t put it on record but would tell us. He measured to be 5.4 pounds (close to what his cousin Andrew weighed when he was born 5 weeks early last year) so we are guessing he will be around 8 & 1/2 to 9 pounds by delivery. We’ll see!

When she measured his head she asked, “who has the big head?” When I answered “Stefen” she said “I’m not going to tell you how big it is..” and then went on to say that I shouldn’t try and deliver naturally. Which I replied I didn’t have a choice since I would be at home. I’ve been expecting him to have Stefen’s head though so I am somewhat prepared!

Here is a little video of the sonogram appointment:

For more pictures go to the photos page.


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  1. You know I delivered Stefen at home no problem…he came in at 9lb. 6oz. 22″ long. I had an incredible midwife, too!!!!

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