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  • 2 Tri’s Down, 1 To Go

    Can’t believe I am already writing this post about being 2/3 of the way along in this pregnancy..  It’s crazy how even though at times it seems to drag on (especially during the sickness times) I can look back and realize how fast it really does go by. And now that I officially sound like an […]

  • And He Will Be Called…

    Houston James Phelps We couldn’t decide on a name for Blake until he was almost born, and this time around we had a couple of girl names that we had picked out from the first time, but were stuck again on a boy’s name. The story behind the name.. I asked Stefen if we could […]

  • It’s (another) Boy!

    This post is way over due, 8 weeks over due to be exact. So let’s get right to it… Most of you already know that, yes, we are having another boy! I couldn’t be more excited. I wish I could say the same for everyone else but, I understand hearing “it’s a boy” is kind […]

  • Little Brother Or Little Sister?

    Most of you already know this but, for those that don’t.. This baby will be the 15th grandchild for my parents. There are only 3 girls out of 14 kids so far. It’s been almost 6 years since the last girl was born and she lives states away. So I’m sure you can guess the […]

  • The First 12 Weeks With Baby #2

    Baby:  I thought I was two weeks farther along than baby measured at first appointment. There was also a second, empty sac which means there may have been a twin but isn’t now. This could also be the reason I was measuring smaller (because of possible twins) or I was just not as far along […]

  • Finding Out About Baby # 2

    First I’m going to rewind to a year ago.. Without going into too much detail I’ll just say that Blake’s birth outcome effected me a lot more than I expected it to. Right after he was born while still in the hospital, my midwife had told me “you can have a natural birth next time, […]

  • Healing After My C-Section: Three Months Later

    Blake is 12 weeks today. He is “officially” no longer a newborn according to some statistic I read online.. So you’re probably wondering why I am still healing from a quick little surgery after almost 3 months. Did the doctor do a bad job? Were there complications? No. In fact he did such a good […]

  • Blake Emory’s Birth Story

    Birth date: Sunday November 24th, 2013 Birth Time: 9:20 pm Weight: 9lbs. 10.6 oz. Length: 22 in. Head: 15 in. I’m not really sure where to start this birth story because I feel like it started weeks ago, so I will start with my 41 week appointment with my midwife… It was Wednesday, November 13th, […]

  • End of Tri 3: just the beginning

    Baby Heart rate: 135-143 Responding well to NST/ST (non stress test/stress test) head down in right position Placenta at level 2 Amniotic fluid at level 7 Mommy Getting a little nauseous again every now and then Last day of work: November 7th (due date) Weight gain: 32.5 pounds total Cravings: Not necessarily a “craving” since I […]

  • Guess Blake’s Birthday!

    With Blake’s due date fast approaching (tomorrow is pretty soon, right??) and him still peacefully chilling in the oh-so-comfy-womb, I’d like to take a vote to see when you think he will decide to come out! My midwife says I’m measuring right on time. I’ve been saying for awhile I think I’ll have him past […]