2 Tri’s Down, 1 To Go

Can’t believe I am already writing this post about being 2/3 of the way along in this pregnancy..  It’s crazy how even though at times it seems to drag on (especially during the sickness times) I can look back and realize how fast it really does go by. And now that I officially sound like an old lady telling you to treasure every moment.. On to the rest of this post!

  • Baby:
    • Heart rate: 144
    • Measuring perfect and right on time with everything else.
    • Movement: Started feeling movement around 11-12 weeks. Saw movement at 17w 5d (January 15th). This baby moves so much more than Blake did! Which scares me a little if that means he won’t have Blake’s laid back personality.. He is moving as I type this.
  • Mommy
    • Baby bump: Had a little bit of a bump early on but blamed it on previous pregnancy and bloating. Right at 16 weeks though it seemed to pop out. I had Stefen take my monthly picture and when I looked at it said “whoa, am I really that big?!” Others started noticing the same day. I was even wearing a loose shirt so there was no way in hiding it by that point.
    • Nausea: Started getting better around 14 weeks. Still the occasional nausea but usually only if I don’t eat in time or sometimes at work.
    • Weight gain: 22 pounds total.
    • Cravings:
      1. Mexican food. I sometimes feel bad for Stefen because it’s now what we eat almost everyday, sometimes for all 3 meals.
      2. Coffee. I really hate that I love coffee so much this time. When I was pregnant with Blake just the smell made me nauseous until a week after he was born. Now it is all I want to drink. I have at least limited myself to only decaf, but still, 2 or 3 cups a day just seems like a bit much. And yet not enough at the same time..
      3. Sugar. This is another strange one because I’ve never had a huge sweet tooth. After Blake was born I started craving ice cream a lot (was never a huge fan of it before) and that craving, along with anything else sweet, has carried over to this pregnancy. I try not to give into cravings like this very often, but I will admit to staring at sweets on pinterest, instagram, etc. and the feeling of addiction takes over a little.

Foods I’ve been eating the most of/ not sick of yet:

  1. Eggs. So many eggs, every morning.
  2. Mexican food!
  3. Cheese.
  4. Salad.

Loved before, hate now: Can’t really think of anything. Any and all food sounds good.

Favorite things:

Comfortable pants.


Middle of the night dance parties in my belly. This pregnancy I don’t get to lie still all day to feel my belly move like I did with Blake because, well, Blake. He keeps me pretty busy. So around 2am when Stefen and Blake are asleep has become mine and Houston’s time to hang out. He keeps me up by rolling, kicking, punching, and I don’t mind losing sleep over it one bit.

Other pregnancy symptoms:

  • I’ve had no energy this whole pregnancy. Which I know is common, it just never happened with Blake. I now realize how lucky I was for that!
  • Sense of smell is so strong.
  • I think I’m getting stretch marks on my stretch marks if that’s possible? Maybe that is why I’m so itchy all over..
  • Clumsy. First time around I was crawling through windows and jumping on benches, this pregnancy I fell down the stairs for the first time in the 3+ years we’ve lived in this house.
  • Memory is fading.. I guess I could also blame this on Blake and just being a mom, but it’s really difficult when you have a husband who has a horrible memory and now I can’t pick up the slack there.
  • All the emotions. I prided myself in my first pregnancy for never really crying except for maybe once or twice towards the end. Commercials, arguments, long nights, I took them all like a champ. This time? Poor Stefen. That is all I have to say about it.
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