The First 12 Weeks With Baby #2

Baby:  I thought I was two weeks farther along than baby measured at first appointment. There was also a second, empty sac which means there may have been a twin but isn’t now. This could also be the reason I was measuring smaller (because of possible twins) or I was just not as far along as I thought! Strong, fast heart beat of 167

Movement: lots. It was hard to find a heartbeat at first because baby was moving so much. I am almost positive I’ve been feeling baby move since 11 weeks now that I know what it feels like. I’m always in denial till I see it move though..

Baby bump: besides the one Blake left me with it’s not there yet.

Nausea: 2 & 1/2 weeks -present. Although not nearly as bad as it was with Blake! Don’t get me wrong there are some really bad times (usually at night) but there are also times when I don’t feel nauseous at all. With Blake it was 24/7.

Weight gain: -5 pounds

Cravings: Not a whole lot as foods (smell, thought, taste) mostly make me sick.. But a few I have actually craved: vinegary things; pickles (yep, apparently it’s a real thing..), olives, Italian and vinegar dressings. Only down side is every time I eat any if this it makes me puke… So they sit in my fridge till I’m desperate.

Foods I’ve been eating the most of/ not sick of yet: Toast. Eggs (it’s hit and miss though). Hummus. Chicken salad. CB quiche & bagels.

Loved before, hate now: soup. With the colder weather I was making lots of soup and then all of a sudden I started to hate it. Tanya made some yummy Olive Garden soup for dinner one night and kept bragging what a great job she did and asking me to take some, I kept ignoring her offer but couldn’t tell her why because we hadn’t told anyone I was pregnant yet. I still feel bad about this, so sorry again, Tanya.
Coffee still makes me sick which is sad because I really want to be drinking it this time of year. I told Stefen maybe it was just the smell that made me sick so I ordered a decaf hoping it’d taste good. I couldn’t finish it.

Favorite things: Without sounding terribly negative, I really don’t have any favorite things right now besides sleep, sleep is always great.

Other pregnancy symptoms: mainly just nausea and headaches from my eyes again. Bloating comes in the evening. Everything else I can either blame on Blake or the baby; waking up through the night, always hungry, always tired.

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