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  • Why We Chose Home Birth

    Why We Chose Home Birth

    To Stefen & I, it seemed like a no brainer. My mom had a home birth, my sisters either had home births or used midwives for their pregnancies, and Stefen & his siblings were born at home. But for those that don’t understand or know much about it, let me convince you how awesome it…

  • Maternity Photo Shoot!

    Maternity Photo Shoot!

    My sister, Lindy, who also happens to be a professional photographer was able to pencil us in for a photo shoot a few weeks before Blake is due. The day of the shoot I was trying to get a lot done around the house; cleaning, get stuff ready for the shoot, etc. Because of that,…

  • Watch Kara’s Belly Grow

    Watch Kara’s Belly Grow

    Isn’t she cute?

  • Our Baby Has A First (& Middle) Name, It’s..

    Our Baby Has A First (& Middle) Name, It’s..

    With (approx.) 7 weeks to go Stefen & I have finally agreed on a name for our boy! He will no longer just be “baby Phelps”. Introducing…. Tanya recently tried to surprise me by setting up an appointment for a 3d ultrasound but, I’m hard to surprise so she just told me she was doing…

  • 3rd Tri is Go!

    3rd Tri is Go!

    This is a summary of the last few months aka my second trimester. Baby: Heart rate: 138-148 Length measured in the 89th percentile at last ultrasound Measuring perfect and right on time with everything else. Movement: I think I started feeling the baby at 17 weeks. Stefen felt baby move for the first time at 22…

  • 1 Trimester down, 2 to go.

    1 Trimester down, 2 to go.

    Here’s a summary of my first 12 weeks with a baby inside me. It’s a few weeks late, but I can blame the pregnancy brain, right? Baby: Healthy and right on track in size. Strong, fast heart beat of 164 Movement: tons (according to midwife, I haven’t felt anything yet) Baby bump: not visible yet,…