It’s (another) Boy!

This post is way over due, 8 weeks over due to be exact. So let’s get right to it…

Most of you already know that, yes, we are having another boy! I couldn’t be more excited. I wish I could say the same for everyone else but, I understand hearing “it’s a boy” is kind of like the boy who cried wolf, except in this case there really is a wolf, uhh… boy, every single time.

I planned out the gender reveal party before we knew the gender because, to be honest, if I would have waited until after, I probably would have decided not to have any sort of party because “it’s another boy”. But, this baby is just as special as our first and I didn’t want to treat him other wise. So I had planned to cover our dining room with either all things pink or all blue. I taped blankets over the windows, and told my family to all get to our house at the exact same time or they wouldn’t be allowed in. Of course they did not all get here at the same time (that would have been a real surprise) so we locked them outside until everyone arrived. Stefen and I made Blake a shirt that day revealing that he was going to have a little brother.

A few funny moments from the night:

  • While everyone was waiting outside Stefen was getting bored and said ” Blake & I are gonna go outside and wait” to which I reminded him Blake couldn’t because of his shirt. Then he said “fine, I’m just gonna get a drink then and go out”. While he was pouring his blue punch in a blue cup I reminded him he couldn’t take that outside either..
  • We recorded everyone walking in at the same time to get their reactions even though we knew it wouldn’t be a big surprise. The kids walked in first and there were a lot of shrugs, “oh man”, and disappointed faces. We may never be able to show the baby that footage..

Here are some pictures of the night

So, you wanna know his name now??

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