Little Brother Or Little Sister?

Most of you already know this but, for those that don’t.. This baby will be the 15th grandchild for my parents. There are only 3 girls out of 14 kids so far. It’s been almost 6 years since the last girl was born and she lives states away. So I’m sure you can guess the number one thing I’ve heard lately.. “Maybe it will be a girl this time!”
Stefen jokes that he wants a girl because “then we’ll have one of each and be done”. I, on the other hand, have loved having a boy so much that I want another one. A girl still scares me a little. Although it would be exciting to break the boy trend that’s been going on!

All joking aside.. This pregnancy has been completely different than my first, which of course makes us think it’s a girl. But, I also know that every pregnancy will always be different. Here are some things that are completely opposite this time around..

  1. 1st pregnancy I was sick 24/7 up until about 5 months. Then I was still sick some days until about 7 months when I finally stopped puking! This time around, I was very sick in the beginning but, then I could wake up the next day and feel fine. This only lasted till I was around 14 weeks and the sickness was completely gone (with the exception of a little nauseousness here and there.)
  2. 1st pregnancy I hated coffee until after Blake was born. This time I hated it for the first couple months but now I crave it so badly. I usually have two (decaf) cups a day.
  3. 1st pregnancy I never felt tired or exhausted. This time it hit me hard and my eyes pretty much burn all day long, even if I nap. I know this could also be because I have Blake to follow around all day..
  4. 1st pregnancy I carried super low and had a perfectly shaped ball, which I loved. This time around I started showing over a month earlier than I did with Blake (which I know is also because of him) and it is high and all around.

When I was pregnant with Blake I tried all the old wives tales to predict the sex. About half were right and half were wrong. Imagine that, it’s like it’s a 50/50 chance.

So for fun I thought I’d do them all again with this baby to compare..

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