And He Will Be Called…

Houston James Phelps

We couldn’t decide on a name for Blake until he was almost born, and this time around we had a couple of girl names that we had picked out from the first time, but were stuck again on a boy’s name.

The story behind the name.. I asked Stefen if we could use Houston as a first name. Besides already thinking it’s a cool name (although I can’t help but think “Houston, we have a problem” every time I say it.) Houston was also Stefen’s dad’s middle name, named after his grandfather, which we then learned was named after his great-grandfather, and it is also Stefen’s older brother’s middle name. If you lost track, this will be the 5th generation to carry on the name.

James is one of the names we thought about for Blake but it never felt right for him. It seems to fit well with Houston.

Here’s to hoping his nickname becomes Hugh and not Huey..

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  1. I agree about calling him “Houston”. You know his grandfather picked up “Phil” as a nickname, more from “Phelps” than “Houston”, but in his earlier years they called him “Hoss”….YUK
    I LOVE the “James”….and the biblical book of James happens to have been Opa’s favorite book of the Bible, because it is so clear and practical…:)

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