I’ve found myself saying this word a lot lately. Realizing that as humans we are all different and all have different perspectives. Different priorities, lifestyles, etc. As much as I hate politics, all of the political debates lately has brought this word to my mind even more so. One person is voting for one candidate, and another person for another.

The first person, from his perspective, is voting for who he thinks is the best for the job. This person has a military background and is looking at the situation from that perspective. The second person, from his perspective, is voting for the only person he feels deserves his vote. This person has a little girl, and as one of his top priorities, is thinking of her in his decision. I don’t think either of these two men are wrong. I think they’re both right actually. They can admit that all the candidates kinda stink, but are making the decision the best they know how.

Floridians’ Definition of Cold Weather

On a lighter note, my oldest brother and his family live in MN. They know cold weather. But when it gets to the 50s in FL I’m not wrong to say it’s cold here. With an average of 90° any given time of the year, dropping to 50° gives me a right to break out my sweater.

If you can come to the realization that everyone has different perspectives you can probably enjoy your life a little more. If someone doesn’t agree with you it doesn’t always mean they’re wrong. Of course there are some situations where a fact is a fact. Like, God is God. Tell me otherwise and then yes you are wrong.

After Blake’s birth I struggled a lot with the outcome. A c-section was never in the picture for me, not only was a c-section out of the picture, even a hospital was out of the picture. And then it happened. And I hated everything about it, I still question sometimes (although rarely) if there were ways I could have prevented it. I could never really talk about this because while I got to bring home a big healthy baby, that is not everyone’s outcome. I still had a better outcome than others, and because of that I thought my pain wasn’t justifiable. But I realized over time that pain is pain.

I also was surprised to realize that some people who have had the same outcome as me, were okay with it and some were even happy about it. How could they be? It’s wrong. But, no. I wish I had a different perspective during those times and was able to see things in a better light. At the same time though I’m glad I’m a planner and will probably always have a plan, and that may mean that sometimes my plans don’t go as I expect but that’s okay too.

Same Time, Different Attitude

After my pregnancy with Houston, I said I didn’t want to get pregnant at that time of year anymore. I was sick during the most enjoyable time of year, couldn’t properly stuff my face at Thanksgiving, and wasn’t even big enough to wear any cute winter’y maternity outfits. Never again. So when we decided on our third kid I had it planned out almost perfectly.

If I get pregnant by this date we can tell the family at this date, I won’t be sick till right after Christmas time, etc etc etc.

Stefen’s input—which I was putting above mine this time—was a little ahead of my schedule, but I said okay. This baby could possibly share a birthday with Houston. Here I am sick and tired and miserable the same time as I was two years ago. But you know what? Somehow I have a different perspective this time.

I’m grateful that I started getting sick right as the weather started to cool down. Instead of being locked up in the house most days with two boys, I can bring some blankets and pillows outside and lie in the cool, breezy shade while they run around in our backyard. We have been spending hours a day outside until they’re ready to go inside because honestly, everything inside our home makes me sick. From the smell of our laundry soap to the smell of our couch…

Empathize a Little == Be Happier

I’m not sure if I’ll be sick through the holidays like I was with Houston, and you better believe I’m praying constantly that the sickness just goes away right now. But seeing things in a different light have made this all somehow more bearable. Just as realizing how different we all are and the many different perspectives we can all have may make life a little more bearable.

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